Sunday, January 8, 2012

Is January going by really fast for you too??

Nothing says "Happy New Year" like a happy baby!

The weather here has been gorgeous - mostly. When it rains, it really rains, but when it doesn't - like today - we tend to forget all about those rainy days!! Is it denial or just old age memory?? Whatever - it works!

Today was wonderful, around 60 and no wind on the beach. Very unusual - we walk south when we walk and usually have to fight a head-wind coming back. But not today! No sand in our eyes; it was glorious!

I finally got the Christmas photos on the computer. My DD accidently kept my connector cable, so I had to build up the courage to transfer via my memory card. Wow - that was easy and fast!! LOL! Isn't that always the way - what you think is going to be a big problem turns out so easy. However, that last few pounds - turns out to be an obstacle! And it brings back it's friends!!

Good thing we kept the wonderful moments in our hearts because the photos were somewhat a disappointment. Someone, who shall remain anonymous,(DH) should be called 'shadow man'!! He was taking the photos and honestly - how CAN you get flash on 1/2 the picture [usually where the people are NOT] and dark shadow on the other half [where the people are]?? Oh well, next year ... there are a few that turned out, including Mr D at the top.

What are you doing to improve your quilting this year? I'm not calling it a resolution - this year resolutions are getting a bad rap! As if failing at bettering yourself is worse than not trying at all??? I'm sure they will cycle back into favor again!

This year I'm going to work at FMQ. I do some; but don't experiment 'outside my box'. And this year I'm going to!! Leah Day is having a FMQ challenge and SewCalGal is too. I've viewed both - and tomorrow I'm setting up the machine to experiment. You read it here first!!

I'm also going to participate in 'Take a Stitch Tuesday'. I've come to love embroidery. Years and years ago I taught a sampler class for Community Education in NJ - yep, 30 years ago??!! It will be nice to work with stitches again.

Stay Robin progress: We're in the 3rd month - halfway thru the challenge. Do you remember? We started with a center square - any size or shape. [Mariner's Compass] The first technique was applique;[lighthouse on the right] 2nd was paper piecing [sailboat and star] and the third was 'words.' Here is the progress - before I add the words - still working on those.

'Words' was absolutely perfect for me! I wanted to incorporate a poem into this quilt from the beginning and in the middle works. So I edited the poem and picked two verses that will fit around my piece so far. I love the alphabet by Art to Heart. It's in "The Night Before Christmas" book. So I set up some freezer paper with guildlines. I traced out the poem onto the freezer paper; then using my lightbox I traced it again onto the fabric. Now I'm not saying my eyes are getting bad; but - I traced it onto the reverse side of the fabric! AND I embroidered about 15 inches of the poem before I even noticed!! YIKES!

Needless to say - I'm going with it! It will be the same but different?!?! And Lord knows, my eyes won't notice it!!

Happy New Year again!!

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