Monday, September 5, 2011

Bonus Post!! Happy Labor Day

Hope you're having a great weekend. Our weather kind-of reminds us more of winter than summer this weekend. Wearing sweatshirts and socks. Closed windows - because "we're NOT" going to turn on the furnace at the beginning of Sept!! Is that the ongoing battle -err, rule- at your house too??? LOL!

Well, good news and bad news. Bad news: Our company cancelled this weekend. [Sorry it didn't work out B&D - hope everyone's feeling better soon and we'll have better luck next time.] It might have been better if they had cancelled BEFORE we bought the groceries; baked the pie and switched out the bedrooms and baths!! Good news: I had a clean house and 2 'new' days to fill with what I wanted to do!!

I'm officially CRAZY! [okay, I knew you knew that already!] The UFO I’m working on is "Selvedge Yard" made from - you guessed it, you clever girl - selvedges. Lots and lots of selvedges.

For the back, I used the long arm sample I got certified on – I heard that snicker!! Of course, I had to make it bigger, because this quilt is growing like a late summer weed! That meant I had to sew on extra batting – this may have been the first time I’ve done that!! Then add another piece of fabric for backing. I may be carrying this challenge a little farther than necessary! [ya think?] Today I’m going to frame it and spray baste it (if the weather cooperates) and hopefully, get a good start on the machine quilting.

Saturday, without company coming, I ran into the library to pick up a book or two. On the way home I had a thought. With all those selvedges - some with dates - how will anyone know when I stopped? Other than the label of course! DUH! So I stopped at the local quilting store. Bought a FQ -not my style of fabric at all - simply for the selvedge that said 2011!! AS IF I needed another one; AS IF anyone would spot it in this mess I like to call ‘SY’! LOL!

Although, while there, I did spot the new Quilt Sampler magazine and brought it home too. I'm not saying I'm a 'type A' when it comes to quilting. BUT I take my "Quilter’s Travel Companion” book and highlight the Top 10 stores when they are published. It all started when in Mpls we had time for one quilt store. Using the yellow pages, I picked one –boy, it was pitiful!

When I got home, I found out I missed a Top 10. As Scarlet in “Gone with the Wind” might had said, “As God is my witness, I shall never miss another Top 10 shop!” Each year, after I transferred all the highlighting to the new “Quilter’s Travel” book – my old book was fought over by quilting friends. I used to buy the new edition immediately upon publication – now I skip years. We don’t travel off the beaten path much now. Ironic, isn't it!! But when we do travel - the Companion goes with us. No matter how hard DH tries to hide it, then bury it in the car!!

Did I tell you my ironing board died. Yep - it only lasted 40 years, and I'm pretty sure I inherited it from my mom, at that! But I wanted to get a wide one that still folded up so I could make room in a very crowded sewing room for beds for guests, when they come to visit. Well, I'm glad to report, got my new ironing board! 18” wide – it was quite the saga!

I tried all the usual places in our very small town; nada, then our ‘local’ Walmart –45 miles away – they didn’t have that size either. So off to Medford, the ‘big’ city! Well, the medium sized city, Bed, Bath and Beyond had one – a Rowenta ironing board -$99. Hmmm, possibly not. That could buy alot of selvedges - errr, fabrics!

On to Sears – didn’t have ANY! Apparently, Sears has two grades – I was at the smaller store and they didn’t carry anything I wanted!! BUT they had a catalog que in the store. Had a 18” ironing board for $35ish. That’s better. But shipping was $39!! Wait for one almost as expensive as one I take home today?? Maybe it will have to be Rowenta's.

Then, thankfully I remembered the Medford Walmart is bigger than Crescent City's – before I cave into $99, go check it out! Happy Dance! They had it. My price range. I bought the extra cover while I was there! Goodness knows how hard that would be to find later!! Fit it into our new car - a sedan, leaving room for the golf clubs, and life was good once again!!

In fact, a little too good! I set that puppy up right next to the machine, at the low height, sewed the selvedge borders one after another – forgetting to get up and about crippled myself!! 59 - it's not just a number you can ignore!! Yesterday I set it up a few steps behind me – just so I wouldn’t forget to get up and stretch!

I’m off this week to a Folk Art Weekend with Sue Spargo in Sisters. I had to call the store to be sure … not a typo, sewing machine not required!! We’ll be gone a week by the time we also go to Portland for Miss P and DH’s birthday. A week without my sewing machine … how unusual!! But there will be plenty of handsewing of wool available!

Doni @ Oregon coast

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