Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vacation Adventures Recap

L&C were here for two weeks on their vacation and we had so much fun showing them our favorite places in Oregon. Once Ljr got here for the last 5 days we walked the beach, ate at our favorite restaurants, walked the Coastal Trail and ate muffins and ice cream everyday! Hmmm, sounds a lot like the week before he came! It was overcast the second week, but that didn't slow us down. They even saw 'our invisible friend the lighthouse' with their own eyes one day!! So hard to explain there's a lighthouse out there, on the horizon, when no one can see it thru the haze. Kind-of like that spout at Whaleshead beach - a shy little thing in company!! LOL!

But one morning at water aerobics - you hear the best news there, you know! - someone mentioned that there was a 50 ft grey whale hanging around in the river south of Crescent City. She wandered in after her calf clear back in June and has been enjoying the attention and stayed. So-o off we went!

The 101 bridge is only about 20 feet above the water and yep - 'thar she blows' right by the bridge! It was so much fun seeing a whale that close - and she was showing off that day. We saw lots of spouts up close and personal; flipper waves from both flippers and a lazy loop-de-loop roll.

There was a canoe with a flutist playing her a song close by and it really gave some perspective as to how big this little gal really was. It might have been the closest we'll ever be to a whale not in captivity! Glorious!

A blogger close to the bridge said she can tell which side of the bridge the whale is on because the people automatically troop from side to side for a better view! And after a careful look for cars each time, we followed right along, back and forth!

Since we were that far south we simply went on down to some of our favorite redwoods down there. We walked along ZigZag Trail, which we loved, and thru the Cathedral grove, an old favorite. We got home just in time for happy hour at Ponchos for dinner. A great day all around.

On Friday, I turned North out of our gate when L,C&Ljr turned South to go home. I headed up to Newport for the Quilt Show. It was a beautiful show this year. We stage it at the Rec Center - wonderful space. We had such a variety of quilts AND vendors that it was a pleasure to walk thru. On Saturday, friends and neighbors made sure I got my exercise by planning their visits to the show with perfect timing - as I was saying good-bye to someone, the next friend walked in!! What fun to catch up with everyone.

Friday night I got together with friends from South Shore for a 'girls night out'. It was fun to visit and get caught up with each others' lives. And Saturday morning, 3 of us got together and did the water aerobics DVD - like old times!

Sunday I drove home - just me and 1000 RVers on the road! But the drive was uneventful and I took a 2 1/2 hour nap after water aerobics Monday morning!! Home again, home again ... until tomorrow - when we head for Portland to see the grandkids up there and babysit for a wedding.

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Deb said...

Happy late Birthday! I knew it was last weekend, but forgot to send you a note. Neat to see the whale, wish I'd been there.