Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho - last package in the mail!

10 days to Christmas ... oh my!!

Yesterday I was finishing my last presents for family in Nebraska and I had so much fun!!! Unusual to hear that this close to Christmas, isn't it. I highly recommend the project to everyone!

I wanted to make notebook covers and I found a 'circular' quilting tip that was so much fun! Both tips are at the same site!! Thanks to ThreeCreativeStudios for their wonderful free projects.

The notebook cover file - [I did a variation, you know me!!!] is 'compbook.pdf'. I like that the composition books can be found everywhere and when one is filled up; the fabric cover fits the next one. And I really like that they have graph-paper books! I love graph paper for designing quilts, drawing out patterns to figure the math and making lists!! My lists are a wonder to behold!!LOL!

The file 'circle.pdf' is where the fun began!! How simple is this - and what fun to use your embroidery stitches! I bought my thumbtacks at the Dollar Store - but, they are rather thick. I have 99 more that I will kindly share!! I'll have to look at office supply stores and see if they are 'finer'. BUT - these were notebook covers and I 'scrubbed out' the little holes, in general.

90% of my stitches ended joining up pretty darn good!! I left my tack in the same place but kept switching the stitches and loved most of them! Next time I may do circles with different diameters!! And I'm going to try to figure out how to get a name in the correct spot with the correct orientation!!! I promise!!

A&J2's Christmas tree skirt is done. I lost the pattern I wanted to use somewhere during the last 6 years! But A graciously said a checkerboard patchwork would be fine.

I like to put a light backing on tree skirts. We always had fun drawing hands on the back of our tree skirt - adding paw prints when needed. But keep in mind - it always looks neater in your mind - the actual circle of hands is blurred with mistakes permanently placed!! But I love it just the same when I get it out each year!

Wishing you the best memories this Holiday! ... and if you want to save them, can I recommend a great little notebook with cover!!


Terri Stegmiller said...

Your notebook covers turned out great! I'm so happy you enjoyed the circle stitching tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

Vicki W said...

The notebook covers will be fantastic gifts!