Thursday, September 9, 2010

Photo Opps

Hooray - the camera to computer to blog or email is connected! Honestly - sometimes I just put it off too long, anticipating problems - which usually don't occur!!

I guess the secret is to wear your lucky socks and not be in a hurry!! So here are some photos from last month ... 1st - I know I mentioned the ribbon I got on A&J2's wedding quilt. Beautiful ribbons this year!!

Here is the Back to School Block Exchange kid's quilt I finished - just in the nick of time to be in the Newport show. I love just bordering on 2 sides of the blocks and have the letters zigzag across the quilt.

I didn't tell you about our night visitor ... a bear walked across our parking lot leaving these paw prints! YIKES! We don't usually see bears between the highway and the ocean ... too small of a territory. Our manager here said he thought it was a youngster - under 100 lbs - and the CC construction noise probably got it turned around. He minced across the lot at first, then started hauling bear butt. Feet came together in this photo before jumping the 5' retaining wall! He apparently cleared that because there were no prints on top of it. Yep, tracking bears like Indians - pretty exciting!

When Miss P came to visit we broke up the car trip by stopping at the Bandon lighthouse. It's a river lighthouse - short and squatty. So Miss P and I climbed the steps ... I'd forgotten about the ladder at the top, but she was a trooper! We survived - and there were even smiles when we got back down.

This is the entrance to the cave on our beach. Anyone here for the wedding won't recognize it ... because then adults could walk into the cave with room to spare. What a difference a month can make on the coast!

Summer Postcards were made and mailed. I loved these little beach scene cheater squares.

AND ta-da here are the itty-bitty log cabins I've been having so much fun with. The logs finish 3/4" and there are 78 here. Blocks will finish at 3 3/4" if I don't add another round. Should keep me busy for a while!

Well, that's it - you're all caught up!! I'll have no excuses not to include photos from now on ... everything's back to normal on the computer!

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