Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Busy busy busy!!

Here is the view from our balcony in Brookings. As you can see there is a lot of interest - watching the waves break against the seastacks can entertain for hours!

I'm in Brookings with DH again. Last week I was in Newport by myself - in a sweatshop of my own making!

If you remember, at the fall retreat I pieced 1/2 the log cabin blocks for my son's wedding quilt, but didn't touch it after I got back home. Panic was beginning to set in; so I sent DH off to Brookings and I stayed home. I pieced the other 50+ blocks of the wedding quilt in 4 days. These blocks aren't regular log cabins [that would be too easy] - each is only 2 colors and they 'rick rack' across the quilt in waves of color. [whatever made me think this would be a good idea for a 'deadline' quilt??]

I filled the condo with my sewing apparatus and piles of color strips. When I ate I had to clear a one foot section of a large table to make room! Thank goodness it was only me there - cause I just left it all out for a week. I sewed for 6 hours on a 'short' day - 11 hours on the longest!!

DH took the laptop with him - so I had the desktop computer - it's slow and stuck in a corner without a view! In other words, not fun to use! I got on everyday for a few minutes and then back to the sweatshop! I walked and went to the pool, but that was basically it. My car didn't even leave the garage for 3 days!

On Friday I took the pile of blocks down to Bayshore where I laid it out on the large dance floor and my quilting group consulted! It worked great - I THINK we got most of the repeats of a specific fabric away from each other. I carefully labeled the blocks according to position and orientation - very important for this quilt. I'm sewing it together in fourths so I can quilt it myself with my DSM. I'll be working with 55 inch squares and I think that's do-able on my Janome. I have 3 of the fourths together and hope to assemble the last one today. I hate to jinx myself - but they've been going together wonderfully! I'll give you a sneak peak next week - if all goes well.

It's almost all from stash - [I bought some third yards of yellow - I don't have very much yellow in my stash] it's very scrappy and I think it's going to be good. When I get back home Thursday I'll start assembling the scrappy backs - this is a 105 x 105 quilt so I should get a HUGE start on the 100 yards used in a year contest! I hope to be binding this quilt by March ... I always was an optimist!!

Sunday two members of the Bayshore group came down on the Coastal shophop. I met them for breakfast and the quilt shop here. They came for a quick look-see at the condo and off they went back up the coast to the quilt shops. It was great to have them visit! Today two friends are coming by on their way to Palm Desert - and they are staying over! We'll give them the twin beds and we'll sleep on the blow-up mattress! We DO have four chairs so hopefully, we'll all survive! The guys, of course, are hoping to golf tomorrow - so far it looks possible - but that can change in a hurry!

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