Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just a walk in the park

Hi from the road! We've had a wonderful time despite a few days of rain. Bend was rainy and COLD! The first morning we woke up to 29 degrees. It was at that moment R canceled his tee-time! Discovered the Old Mill Shopping district in Bend and loved it! Saw two movies, window shopped to my heart's content and ate at a very fast pasta restaurant.

Wednesday was rain and semis most of the day traveling. Those two do not go together! We didn't go up to Crater Lake. Only in the 40s and rain down on the highway - didn't want to chance 20s and snow up there! But fell in love with Route 66 - Oregon style - coming over the mountains to Ashland. No semis on that stretch - in fact, very little traffic of any kind.

Today was the perfect fall day - exactly what we were envisioning when we planned our "Fall Grand Tour". R went golfing with his friend and I roamed the park for hours. Here are some pictures for you to live vicariously!

Lithia Park starts out very civilized - you often find musicians and hackey-sak groups lolling about on the grass. You can sit and watch them, people sell their wares from towels - just a great gathering spot.

The playground is surrounded by colorful trees today. Children come to play on bikes, behind parents on bikes, in strollers, in slings ... a beautiful day like today brings them out in droves! No pictures, please - it makes the adults nervous!

There are a dozen bridges back and forth across the creek. Which side should I walk on? It's beautiful on both sides! Just pick and keep going!

And if you're lucky ... you'll see some shy Ashland residents. Look closely in the middle and you'll see the pair of deer that startled me as I started them! The park office estimates there are 100 deer living in the 42 acres that make up the park! And I'm sure they're telling all their country relatives to come on in - where it's safe during hunting season.

Don't worry - I also managed to get some shopping done! Probably too much according to DH! The forecast is rain on the coast when we're in Brookings ... so we'll be sitting in the alcove, reading or stitching this weekend. Maybe, just maybe it will be clear during low tide? Please???

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