Sunday, August 9, 2009

Glad that's over!!!

Not a wonderful birthday this year ... I was recovering from stomache flu / food poisoning(?) Don't know which one - just glad it's over! We've been here for over a year isn't it time for 'kindergarten syndrome' to be over?? Poor DD got it too - hard to be sick with 2 kids under 3! At least here DH and I could moan in relative peace!! Enuf said!

I did get to breeze thru the quilt show Saturday afternoon - it looked marvelous! One gal takes pictures of all the entries, puts them on a disk and then sells it to us - I'm relying on her this year - didn't even take my camera! I entered two of my favorite quilts: 'All around the town - Boydville that is!' and 'That kaliedoscope thing you've been working on for years'

'All around the town ...' was a BOM that 3 friends and I worked on. M was making it for a shop sample. At first I was jealous that she was getting 'paid' for making it, but as I personalized mine with 'not in the pattern' details I was glad I was just doing it for myself. Details include our dear dog Pepper on a corner with her red collar on and Thunder, the horse I owned during high school. I love the whale weather vane looming over everything like the cloudy days do out here on the coast! A forewarning that we didn't heed!

'That kaliedoscope thing ...' was a project for a decade! Yep, you heard me right! Scrappy wasn't as accepted back then, but I persevered! Yes, we saw scrappy in antique quilts - but those weren't highly regarded then either. At least not by us ordinary folk. Thank you Gerald Roy!!!

Jinny Beyer was hot and everything was overmatched and perfect. [Kind of like the complete fabric collection quilts now. Is it just me or do they look a little 'inbred'!?!]

I machine pieced halves of the blocks and then hand pieced that center seam - determined to make the pattern spin after all this work. So I would have a blue block, a red block and a brown block [for example] in my bag and I would lovingly pat them and explain they were all going into the same quilt and friends would pat me on the shoulder and say, basically, "okay, I'm sure??? it will be fine." Eye-rolling behind my back.

But I love it and they did all blend. Ahem ... I told you so!!!! Oh, my - that felt good! LOL!


Carol said...

Oh I love both of your quilts...scrappy always makes me very happy!

Sweet P said...

Your quilts are awesome. I agree with you on overmatched and perfect quilts. I'm a fan of scrappy and/or somewhat coordinated quilts.

I had the flu too. Ugh! I hope you're feeling better.

gjiquilt2 said...

You continue to inspire me and keep me scrappy!

swooze said...

Very pretty quilts!