Friday, May 15, 2009

Sesquicentennial-ish FINISHED!

Thursday I handed in my sesquicentennial challenge. As you may remember - the challenge was to make a quilt replica using a pattern that was used 150 years ago and ALSO using the same type of fabrics and techniques. Of course, hand piecing and hand quilting. This is to celebrate Oregon's sesquicentennial AND advertising our quilt show in businesses this summer.

I felt called to participate since I followed the Oregon Trail [behind a Penski truck] last June when we moved here!

I made a signature quilt using the 'album patch'. There are 13 blocks - I wrote the names of 13 quilters I quilted with in Lincoln on a regular basis. I drafted the pattern after finding it in "Remember Me" - a great quilt history book.

The handpiecing went well - I'd forgotten how much I enjoy that. The hand quilting also went fast - then the binding from Hades! I joined the strips by hand and then wanted to finish it by a new method - sewing it into a loop before sewing it onto the quilt. It was then that things went terribly wrong!

1. Seam was on the outside of the binding - Rats!
2. Made a geometric figure - yeah - you know the one - the endless loop that turns on itself. Muttered a few nasty words under my breath!
3. Sewed a perfect mitered corner instead of continuous binding. I was loud enough that my DH looked up and quickly avoided eye contact!
4. Decided I liked my usual binding method!

But I handed it in on time ... just have to write 'my story' about it. Don't think I'll include the binding fiasco!

We are well enough to go back up to Portland and babysit again! We're driving up the coast tomorrow and eating at our favorite out-of-the-way restaurant and then over to Portland. Should be a beautiful day again tomorrow.

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Sweet P said...

Your quilt is gorgeous! How long did it take to make the entire quilt by hand?