Monday, January 9, 2023

Winter Storms

Being from Nebraska "winter storm" means snow, wind and freezing weather - it always comes from the North.

On the Coast of Oregon "winter storm" means wind, rain and fairly moderate temperature! And it comes from the South!!   Hard to get used to, even after 14 years out here.

And we've been having a doozy of a storm.  The ocean is wild!  Sportshaven Beach has giant logs and trees tumbling onto the beach!  Then the surf takes them  back out and piles them on a different part of the beach.  It's a gigantic tangle!  And the logs have been deposited by the waves up the beach, over the path and even over the cement sea walls! Best to watch from afar!!

Last night the furnace was on (it's not the quietest one we've ever had) but I heard rhythmic roars, I was afraid the furnace's end was near!   But it was the ocean  a mile away roaring!   

This morning it rained so hard on our bedroom windows I dreamt I was in a car wash!!  It's wild - but with our usual soft wind and pitter-patter rain in between bouts! This is our 3rd week with rain predicted every day. Hopefully, it's helping the drought out here.

It hasn't been constant bad weather - somehow, the storm is more active at night??  That seems weird, but not complaining!  We can see the sun, even if only momentarily, sometime during each day.  And I'll take it!

We been celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary!!  It's amazing how fast 50 years can go!?!  First we went to Palm Springs in October - flying into Palm Springs airport - delightful!  Then laying around in the sun, mainly!  Eating out, of course.  Heaven!

 We drove up to Portland Christmas Eve, avoiding all their crazy ice weather.  Christmas Evening, the Medford gang joined us.  DS is a pediatric nurse, and he could celebrate with us the 26th.  We were the "Intrepid 11" looking for a party!

December 26 we headed to OMSI to see the Marvel Comic Exhibit.  The Grandkids (5 - 16!) were all in Seventh-Heaven!  And of course, their parents are well-aware of the Heroes,  I enjoyed the graphics and watching them get excited.  We all voted for our favorite Marvel character. (Groot is even the name of the newest  family dog!?!)

Then, off to B&N.  As one of their Christmas presents, we had given the kids a GC there.  We bustled into a gigantic sale day with apparently everyone in Portland!!  But we had fun scrambling to see our favorite section; showing other family members books we thought they would like, and a couple of us holding place in line, it circled the entire store!  

DH was the coordinator, letting everyone know about where we were in line, rounding up stragglers when the line was getting close.  We split into 2 groups, paying for the families, not individual kids, trying not hold the line up any more than we did.  It was fun seeing the kids excited over what they got.  I highly recommend it, but not necessarily on a big sale day!

Then, off to Olive Garden for late lunch/early dinner.  The hotel the Medford gang  was staying had a pool - that was great each day to wear out the 'littles'.  Our Medford group headed home the 27th.  We stayed one more day.  

Our Maid of Honor and her husband had just moved to the Portland area days before Christmas!  We hadn't seen them in years.  So, on our anniversary, we met at a local pub and grill for lunch.  And drinks.  And sitting at the table until almost dinner talking and laughing! (No worries - we left a sizable tip!)  Great to get together and get caught up.

BUT wait there's more!!! My DH planned a surprise party at home.  On Jan 4 he told me we had to go to a restaurant party.  I suspected "Proof of Spouse" event.  You know, when you talk about your spouse and no one has met them?  So you have to prove it!!  50 is a BIG brag for having an 'imaginary' spouse!!  But, nope, I was wrong!  Small towns CAN keep secrets!  

He arranged a party celebrating our anniversary, with help from one of my friends to contact quilters!  "No presents, but Doni loves greeting cards..."  There were neighbors, (both) golfers; bowlers; bar mates (DH) and quilters and pool aerobics friends. (me)  We met at our favorite Chinese restaurant.  

Appetizers and wine were flowing.  We visited and met everyone.  Told stories .. Rick had snuck out our wedding album, no one had ever seen me as a brunette or Rick with a mustache!  We would have bet on some greeting card duplication - small town, you know.  But not a one!  And I loved seeing them.  We finished the night with a family serving of Orange Chicken - our favorite. 


Here are some pictures of our January decor.  Snowmen look a little out of place at the Coast.  But surprisingly, at home during storms!!  LOL!

Livingroom book shelves  On the right photo is a snowy day drawing created by my Great Grandmother! 

Over the River and Thru the Woods quilt.  That song is about Thanksgiving!  And I didn't put it up at Christmas, so, it looks wintery, so January it is!!

That wraps it up!  Have a safe winter, no matter what direction your storms come from!

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