Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Ready or not - here it comes!! SUMMER! and the Brookings Annual Quilt Show!

Quilt of Valor Presentation
Sunday, May 26, 2019   2:00 pm
Kalmiopsis Elementary School Gym
650 Easy St  Brookings OR

If you are in our area - please join us.

And although I'm not nearly as panicked as I was last year ... this year is still B*I*G! 

The QOV quilt is the one I made this year.  I love Double 4patch - it's so graphic and don't tell anyone ... so easy!  I got this free pattern from  A valuable resource for quick gift quilts.

This morning, Fierce Beyond 50, had this timely reminder!

Is it me or is May just as chaotic as December? I feel like I’ve been high-tailing it from one act to the next, whipping through costume changes and practicing my lines, scrambling to get into place before the curtain rises. Sorry for the acting analogy ...but I was very into theatre back in the day.

Though none of the things on my calendar are there without my permission, during busy seasons like this, it’s so hard to take a break or scale back. There's nothing on my agenda that isn't good or worthwhile, but for me to enjoy all of them, I have to protect that much-needed me-time.

What do you do when your busy schedule crosses the line from invigorating to stressful?  No matter what you do to recharge, just remember to do something just for you!   

And take a bow, Fierce friend! Because you deserve a round of applause for all that you do day in, day out. 
Fiercely Yours,

Founder, Fierce Beyond 50

Check her out!  My 'not the best plan' recharge is ME tucked under a quilt, phone silenced, with a good book, chocolate or Mike's Lemonade!!  Okay, I make to-do lists too!

I'd like to say "more later"  But that hasn't been happening lately - and I don't think you'd believe me anyway!!  (tee-hee)  BUT ... hope springs eternal!!