Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Brookings Quilt Show was great!

Every Memorial Day Weekend our small town is over-run by Azalea Festival.  There are lots of activities (I hear!) and tons of people come over to get out of the heat, rain, or just for a summer drive - you pick!

The quilt guild has a show that Saturday and Sunday - and that's why I only hear what else goes on!

Here are some of the highlights from last weekend! In no particular order!!

I never expect to win a ribbon - but as DH says, it's always better if I do!!  Here's the text I sent him, telling him it was safe to come home!!  He was golfing in CA during the madness!

I was demo-ing how to sew selvedges during the show.  You can use any string/strip pattern.  This daisy pattern was a class we had years ago.  I wanted it bigger - but not to make additional blocks.  Proposed border hanging there - hmmmm, now I'm not sure! Back to the drawing board!

This was Best of Show!  It was wonderful.  Her daughter had to wait for years for this quilt.  The quilter kept changing the pattern and adding more!  Sounds familiar!

My friend, P, was the Honored Quilter this year.  And, oh my, we had fun getting her ready for the big day!  Our small group gave her "Minion Coupons" and every meeting we'd pick quilts for the booth, sew on labels, sew on bindings, consult and we made her wear a tiara from the Dollar Tree too!!! 

A closer look.  P has many hobbies, jewelry, knitting, anything with a needle ... it was a very interesting display!  Well done!

Love the color drift in this!

Starry starry quilt!

This kids' quilt was adorable!  Enlarge the picture to see the fussy cut kids and pets in the corner stones!  Anyone have this fabric??

This quilter from Cave Junction - just up and over the mountains - consistently enters a great NW themed quilt.  Another winner here! 

This quilt used the Christmas Themed blocks won at our Christmas party two years ago.  J did an awesome job!  My block is right next to the ribbon - the tree and the 3 ships sailing.

Say Uncle Bouquet won a ribbon too!  TWO ribbons this year!  Great fun!

Two days to just hang out with friends and look at quilts!  What could be better??

R on the left, is 90 years old.  And yes, she had a quilt in the show! She went on our Portland bus trip last fall and we all wish we had as much energy as she does!

Grandma J giving the GKs a tour of the show!  GKs of quilters learn to appreciate quilts early!!

We had our cookie sales table - and although we can't eat them in the building, "Cookies To Go" are very popular for the ride home!!

We had 8 quilts on display for the QOV program.  They are tucked into their pillow cases with their thank you notes - ready to go to a Veteran this summer.  Next year I'm challenging our guild to make 20 quilts - we'll get the stage to display them!!

It's officially summer - and the Brookings Quilters are lazing around a bit this week!  Getting caught up on sleep and novels!!  But also thinking about what we'll make for next year!!