Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Welcome to November

Never mind the usual 'how did we get here?'  Face the facts that November is upon us!  And if you're chowing down any leftover Halloween candy ... walk away from the bowl!!  I fell into that paying our rent, for goodness sake!!  Everyone wants you to take it off their hands - but seriously, think about where it's going to end up - do you want more there????

I'm flitting around like a moth to the flame today.  Piles and lists everywhere!  I leave tomorrow for the Houston International Quilt Festival.  My first time!  Yep, a newbie!!  And I'm super excited and nervous!  Don't worry I'll calm down - HEY! I heard that snicker from NE friends!! Stop that!

We signed up for some lectures and the Friday Roundabout(?) not sure about that name - where there's a room full of people demonstrating!?  It was fun at 'Road to CA' last January.  Hopefully, we've built in enough time to see the quilts too, I hear there are a few!!

We're lucky enough to be staying where friends from Newport are.  And they will have been there all week - I'm going to pay attention to what they tell me not to miss!

THEN - sound the trumpets - we leave on our Quilt Cruise!! Sew Many Places, Jim West, proprietor, organizes the most wonderful cruises!!  Two years ago I got to tag along on a cruise with M, my friend in NE.  It was wonderful, we were spoiled and kept just busy enough.  I've been dreaming of another one ever since!

U and P from here in Brookings are joining J, from Lincoln and me for 7 days on Liberty of the Seas; stopping at Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica!!  With quilting on all the days in between!  It's going to be heaven, I'm sure!  I will be off the Net, so you'll have to wait for all the details. And everyone join me in the "no hurricanes" dance!!

We babysat up in Portland last week.  DD and DSIL were in Austin for a HR conference.  DD was involved in that and DSIL went along for an "anniversary" trip.  I think they had a really good time.  The three dogs were all at the kennel (I'm allergic, no way I could stay there SIX days with them in the house.)

It rained everyday, so DH wasn't golfing, but two days after school we were able to play in the cul d'sac.  DH really loved the spontaneous 'Papa's Baseball Camp' with all the kids of the neighborhood joining in! Nana was out-fielder.  Those wiffle balls can go along way!!

The only surprise was when the school Halloween party switched to Friday instead of Monday when everyone was back.  P wanted to be Hermoine to M's Harry Potter.  Hermoine has curly hair.  P does not!  P has awesome hair, long, thick and very straight.  Just like her Mom and Nana used to have!!

I swear I was up to my elbows in mousse!!  We did curler rods; more mousse, hair spray and curling irons.  Any curls lasted about one hour!  Oh well! Welcome to my life!! It's only frustrating when you try to get it to do something else!!


I don't wear makeup, and my DD took hers with her - so when it came time to draw on Harry's scar ... not an eye liner to be found!! (Do you know how much they cost at the grocery store??  Good grief!!)  I used a washable marker!!  I did go over it three times ... but couldn't bring myself to use the Sharpie DD suggested!!

Their house is a wonderful, caring madhouse usually.  One night at dinner we were all busy chewing and P remarked, "I can't believe how quiet it is!!!"  Us neither!!  I'm betting it's not quiet now!

A sneak peak at Halloween in Oregon!!

M and P ready for some candy!!

K as Batman - too cute!

J with the boys - hmm, wardrobe change, two little animals!  I like it!