Thursday, August 15, 2013

Good times!!

At the beginning of August - life got faster!!  The first weekend is always the Newport Quilt show and it is always a great show.  This year was no exception!!  I particularly had a good time at this vendor!!

 Carriage Country Quilts  I didn't even know there was a Des Moines Washington!!  What drew me in was the wool and embroidery samples and patterns.  Awesome stuff!!

Oh, and I'm happy to say, I didn't just bring home purchases!!  Take a look!

I L*O*V*E winning ribbons, especially at the Newport show - their ribbons are so pretty.  This beauty was pinned to my Reminiscing wall quilt.  The pattern is Reminisce by Lori Smith 

I talked about making this quilt here.  Scrap Happens, my small group in Nebraska, exchanged the blocks in the outside border.  I love that it's finished now - it reminds me of good friends back 'home'.

After the show I headed up to L&J's house for some quality time with Miss P and Mr M.  We started my birthday celebration there.

 J grilled us steaks and sweet potatoes for dinner, followed by a celebration at Menchie's - a frozen yogurt shop.  After enjoying our yogurts we stopped by the water fountain park right there and L caught this picture with her new camera - I love it!

Doesn't it look like they are in a flash mob??  They were stepping on the water jets and having a great time of it!

Oh - you want to see their faces? Why didn't you say so!! Here's my cutie patooties!!

While we were gone, A&J2 and the boys came over to our condo to get out of the smoke.  We're having many persistent forest fires and the smoke has been hanging in the valley for weeks.

They let me know that they didn't forget my birthday either - with a 'scuplture' of my polished rocks!

What fun!!

I have lots to tell you about sewing room stuff!  But that's for next post.  Here's a shot of someone who's been hanging around with his friends ... He's pretty shy, but I managed to catch him today!!  Wish you were here too!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Newport Oregon show this weekend!

Don’t miss one of the best shows on the coast!
Friday & Saturday!
Oregon Coast Quilters Guild


the 23nd Annual Quilts by the Sea
with over 200 quilts!
FridayAugust 2nd - 10:00-6:00
and Saturday, August 3rd - 10:00-5:00
Newport Recreation Center
225 SE Avery St. Newport
Hope to see you there!

Wish you were here to go to it with me!!  It's always a really nice show - good variety of patterns and techniques. Always a fun show - and I'm going!!  After Newport it's off to Portland to see Miss P and Mr M - it's been a few weeks and I'm betting they have grown!!

I'm happy to announce that my friend - S's Christmas stockings are done!  Hip, hip hooray!!  It was a consignment that I took on last year.  I showed her the stockings I was making for my fireplace.  Beach Nana and Beach Papa plus Miss P, Mr M, Mr D and Baby K!!  Just us and the grandkids! Of course, I really only got just us done in time for Christmas.  Since I'm in stocking mode - hope to get the grandkids stockings done this week too!!

We needed stockings to carry with us up to Christmas at the kids' houses.  S said - I like those, but we need them bigger, much bigger, much, much bigger!!  So I made them much bigger and added more even seam allowance 'just in case'  And they turned out pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself!!

And note this awesome way to hang the stockings!!  Two or three of the new flat hooks, an expandable curtain rod and just loop them on!! You can make the rod as long as you need!  With this many, it's expanded quite a way.  I'd add one more hanger to keep the rod straight.  But with my little stockings, just 2 do fine.

Just glad I don't have to fill them!!  There is quite a difference in size!!  :)

I 'collect' alphabets.  I've been know to buy a book just for the alphabet in it!!  Both of these alphabets, fusible for S's and embroidery for mine - come from Art to Heart books.  Her alphabets are the B*E*S*T!

Since we arranged this consignment, S's husband died suddenly.  So we incorporated his shirts into the stocking design. The main body is from the shirts and the entire back is also. I make them to last and I sure hope these are no different!!  Ho, Ho, Ho!!