Saturday, November 17, 2018

I've been a bad bad blogger!

Sorry about that.  Many things went down the drainpipe this year!  I've been busy - stressing myself out, mainly!!  It seems to be just one minor problem at a time - but each takes up time, energy and why-oh-why do we "celebrate the problem" rather than just fixing it???  One of the age-old questions!!

I know Thanksgiving is next week ... but do you realize it's only 38 days to Christmas??  Time to get into gear!  Here is one of my favorite Christmas quilts I've made.  From "Art to Heart" -The Night Before Christmas- book.  I love their patterns.  So lighthearted without being too "Cute-sey"!

This weekend is time for the "Secret To Do List"!  I begged out of our guild's mini-retreat so I can work on it!  K texted me back 30 minutes later, "It's driving me crazy, just what IS a secret to-do?"  

Well, it's a task that you can't do in front of friends - because it's that kind of challenge or it's for them!!!  I have 8 secret pal gifts to make and the Mod Squad challenge this month ...

About secret pal gifts ... what do you do?  I always always make one for me!  I have to admit I'm often the last person to get what I make for others done for me!

Does that even make sense?  Oh well, those who read this blog can probably figure it out!!

PS - a gift card holder is great fun AND it can hold a package of needles!!  I have made lots of them and they are always popular!  AND Pinterest is a great place to look for ideas - of anything!!!  Just saying ...

Let's see what you've missed because I didn't blog!

Well, Santa Clara was wonderful!  We took the Artists' Studio tour; two lectures and ran wild through the vendors at the show!  A good time had by all.  My "Welcome to the Neighborhood" was accepted into the show.  And although it did not win any ribbons there ... it certainly looked like it belonged.  The hardest part was of course, packing it and mailing it!  But it was even home before I started worrying about it!!  Hope to go to the show next year too - we love it!

During the show - there is a Celebrity Dance Contest with a bazillion dancing kids there!  We couldn't resist taking a picture of the 3 Musketeers in front of their photo drop.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Not too busy, just right with your favorite foods perfectly done!  (done by someone else is a bonus!!) Enjoy!