Monday, May 24, 2021

Whine, whine, whine ...

 That's me this spring.  So many impending changes are stupefying, and quite frankly, I don't have that far to go!!

But last week we started Tai-Chi in the park again.  Our teacher/leader is fighting lingering health problems but gave us permission to teach Chi-Kung ourselves to keep the class going and ready for her return.  Yay!  Seven of us were there and it felt like being at home!  All vaccinated so hugs all around at the end!  Of course, there was some stiffness of joints after not tai-chiing for a year.  Some of us were fairly active each day, but I'm sure no one tai-chied for an hour!  And some of us only thought about it every day, sigh!  Hoping to expand class to 2 days this week.  And open it to friends who are interested too!

Then the pool opens next Tuesday!  We're lucky to have an outdoor pool here in Brookings.  On those cold, foggy mornings we feel like Iron-women! Ready to take on the world!  After a hot beverage, of course!

We're all hoping to kick out the 19 (pounds) of Covid and get back to socializing and feeling like ourselves - 2019 style!

I'm a little overwhelmed, we welcome our Panama Gang back to Oregon in July.  They lost all the belongings in storage 2 years ago,  due to the Almeda fire in Southern Oregon.  This included furniture; kitchen supplies; toys; books; videos; family pictures; winter clothes; and QUILTS!  Hmm, Does anyone who is not related to a quilter have 27 quilts in their house?  

Since they were headed to Panama - where 70 is a cool day - only one quilt went along.  I pin basted 2 quilts this am - hoping to get one quilted this week, and the 2nd quilted next week, leaving just 1 more to do!  What was I thinking???

I'm also trying to rehab a doll for E, the 4 yr old.  Said doll was given by P, her 14 year old cousin!  YouTube is a wonderous thing!  Found how-to videos and will attempt to follow them to success!

We still haven't seen our new apartment, should be able to get a feel for it next week.  Remodeling will start soon; and maybe, just maybe, we'll get an estimate of when we are moving!  I'm not good with uncertainty!!  But I'm trying!

Stay safe!!