Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back home - Newport and Brookings

I'm back from Nebraska and I had a marvelous time. Lots of time spent with my mom and sister and her whole family. Between Easter, mom's birthday and baby's christening ... we saw alot of each other! It's so much fun getting caught up with everyone's lives. It's really hard to keep track of 20 some relatives long distance! The great nieces and nephews are growing, the new great-great nephew is adorable; the older ones are matriculating and everyone I saw is doing great.

All the 'girls' went out for a manicure/pedicure for mom's birthday. What a blast that was! Then perfume shopping for mom. We smelled dozens of perfumes. Did you know you smell coffee beans inbetween to clear your nose??? 6 of us taking turns sniffing up the samples! Mom ended up with "Armani Mania"! Tres Chic! And because she and my great niece were so cute [ 92 and 5 yrs old] they both got freebie bags! Mom ended up with Queen Lativa's gold lame bag - I think it's big enough for mom and her dog to fit inside!!

As my dad would say, "Thanks to the 'whole fam-damly' for the great time!"

Here is a picture I took of mom with her dog, Keisha. I'm not a big fan of that bark-y little dog and I think the feeling is mutual! I'm sure she sees me as a disruption of their schedule - and she likes change about as much as I do!! But we made it thru the week without biting each other!! LOL!

Even Nebraska weather was on it's best behavior. Didn't need more than a sweatshirt jacket after the first couple of days. In fact, it hit 80 several days - so typical of Nebraska - go from furnace to air conditioning the same week!

I stayed with a quilting friend and we had lots of laughs and lots of quilting - just what I also needed. We had other quilters over and had outings to the International Quilt Museum; and four favorite quilt shops. I caught up with good friends at the University - got to see the quilts they've been working on. Went to my small group - Scrap Happens and to the guild meeting. It was a rolling show and tell - just glorious!

Last year I flew into to Omaha on a red-eye and ended up at Gretna in "The Quilted Moose" store parking lot - snoozing until they opened! [Never go to a favorite shop when overtired! Enuff said!] This year we went to the shop 6 days after I arrived. The owner said - and you haven't been here until now??? I told her DH flew me into Lincoln instead of Omaha - hoping to save some money and I told him "Don't be silly, I know how to get to Gretna!!"

My flights went fairly well - I wasn't sitting in front of any demon children this year! LOL! Got home and an hour later I was cooking dinner for the grandkids! It was easy - IKEA meatballs, but still - cooking! The next morning we headed for Newport. After 2 days there - 2 packed cars later, we're in Brookings. I have the feeling that vacation is OVER! And the move is beginning! Our barrister bookcase filled with my quilts is now here - so it feels alittle more like 'home'.

DH's plan is for us to move at least 2 carloads to Brookings each week. Hope to get the DSIL and DS to coordinate loading and unloading the truck with us towards the end of May. What a mountain of stuff to move!!! I reminded my DH that I love him - before we start moving the sewing room!!! It shouldn't be bigger than the move from NE - but I think it's "fluffed up" some!! LOL!

Back to Newport tomorrow for 2 days of sewing. Then up to Portland for a quick babysitting gig and tickets to see Cirque du Soleil's tent show. I've only seen them on TV - so I'm anxious to see them up close and personal!

Life after vacation always seems 'sped up' some how - just getting back in the groove. But I'd better get my act together - cuz here we go!!