Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas to all ... and to all a good night!

Oh, dear, I knew I hadn't felt good this fall.  I caught a respiratory virus the middle of October and I just kept getting it back everytime I felt better.  Then today I saw my last blog post was the first of November. Oh, dear! Sorry for the silent treatment!

It's obviously been a low-key two months.  We continue to have stellar sunrise and sunsets here.  Winter is the best for those, other than during seasonal monsoons!!  But it's been a dry fall-winter, and they just keep coming and coming!  DH has been headed out for golf the last 4-5 weekends, because you know, it could be the last chance for golf til spring!!  

My Christmas letter for you!

 Happy Holidays from the Boyds!

December sunsets on the Oregon coast are the B*E*S*T!  Here’s a view from our deck.  Wish you were here.

We’ve had an exciting year with a new member joining out family.  A&J2 have a new little boy, K.  At 8 months, he’s a great sitter, but needs a little work on his ‘dismount’!

D, being 2, is w-a-a-ay too busy to pay much attention to K.  He loves matchbox cars and ribbons!  He pretends the ribbons are snake monsters! What a great imagination!  Life is busy for A&J2!

P is 7, in first grade and loving it. I asked her if she had new friends and she explained to me that there were 28 in her class – all new friends, of course!  Did you know 1st graders write book reports now???

M is 5 and in preschool.  He loves Legos, doing puzzles (he’s still a whiz) and riding his bike.  It’s so much fun to see the G-kids growing and learning.  We love this time!

When we’re not visiting the kids, Rick’s golfing and bowling; I’m quilting and going to water aerobics, but there’s a lot of walking the Coastal Trail and whale watching mixed in too.  After 5 years on the coast, it feels like we have ‘grown into’ our retirement – and we love it.

Wishing you and yours the best in 2014

Of course, the names have been shortened to protect the innocent (?) But, because I'm not limited to a 1/2 page of paper - here are the family photos that we couldn't decide on!!

D & K getting to know each other!

M & P hanging out in the kitchen.

Last night's sunset.  No wonder we don't get much done in the evening!!

Happy New Year to all!