Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summertime is fleeing!

Just settling in to normal life again after wedding rush. My computer had to go into the shop - he said to bring any computer programs I wanted him to load - and silly me, I thought, I have everything on here I want. Oh--h, he meant RE-load after he wiped the drive clean!! The computer is still not running well [crap!!] - and I have to find my photo software so I can load all the pictures from my camera! Until then - you'll just have to make do without pictures.

We were in the Valley last week - traveling from Newport to Portland to Talent ... and it was really, really hot! We are simply not acclimated to 100+ degrees anymore. The average temp in Brookings is 58 in the month of July! [I know - we were amazed too!]

We took the Portland grandkids to the park early in the mornings while it was still tolerable. Tried to interest them in movies in the afternoon after nap. Miss P is almost 4 and she has changed so much. She loves climbing the playground equipment now - that's new - before she was pretty much a big chicken! Mr M wants to do anything Miss P can do. He wound his way up and thru the equipment to slide down the 7 ft slide so many times he was staggering on the last trip!

We ate out and shopped too. I ordered new glasses this trip - should be here next week. DH doesn't like the wire rims I've had for 3 years ... the next ones are black plastic rims. [Hello, Buddy Holly!!] But I'll be glad to get them. These have been a pain lately - falling off every time I lean over!

In Talent we stayed with the newlyweds. We went out to dinner and breakfast everyday. DH went golfing and J2 and I went shopping in Ashland for a whole day! Two quilt stores and an awesome consignment store we both love. Bargains were had!

After six days out and about in the heat - coming home to 63 degrees felt wonderful. It's been grey [but cool] ever since. I'm putting back together my sewing space. I've got to get that under control soonest!

I need to 'spread out' enough to work but not so much that I can't quickly stash it all away to bring back in the twin beds for company. We hung the quilt racks in there this week - two of them that fit perfectly along the long wall. So I got my design wall back up. I thought I'd need it ASAP for Miss P's new nap blankie - and I might have IF I hadn't made a cutting error with the rail fence blocks. [For goodness sakes, how long have I been doing this?? Long enough to know better!! (or not)] I had a weird size block I needed to make - due to wanting to use every inch of a focus fabric I had - and figured the size out BUT forgot to add the seam allowances. I frog-stitched all of them [grumpy, grumpy] and will recut the middle rail tomorrow. It's the only fabric I have enough of to recut bigger!

Honestly, between making a 'non-scrap' quilt and using stash for most of it ... I think I need to go back to my usual: Carefree scrap quilts that grow like zucchinis in August!! Enjoy!! Photos soon, I promise.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The wedding of the year is done!

No, no - not Chelsea's!! A & J2's wedding!! We had a blast! We had lots of company to guide around our new home state. Two couples have promised to come back and one other couple hasn't even left the state yet!! So I think it was all a success!

Miss P was adorable as a junior flower girl - oh wait - that's Mr G from Nebraska!

Here's Miss P!

Mr M is not much of a wedding kind of guy! To remain calm, he and his dad mainly strolled around the perimeter of the wedding.

The proud dad [DH] and mom [me] of the groom. There was beautiful scenery, Hawaiian Luau food and dancing all night. Family and friends helped make it a wonderful party - a real celebration! A good time was had by all!

The wedding quilt was a success! They don't read my blog - so it was a grand surprise!! And I grabbed it back that same night so it can be in the Newport Quilt Guild Show this weekend! I really didn't get much done this year - and HAD to put SOMETHING in the show!!

AND back on the coast, we made commemorative pin cushions! We didn't remember to take a picture of the first one - but here is the second 'sweatshop's' results.