Thursday, April 5, 2018

So I'm fine, how are you???

I must say, time is going very fast this winter-spring.  I keep thinking of things I should blog about, but never manage to sit down to blog.  My bad!

Mod Squad was great fun in March.  Our 'assignment' was to combine doodles into a new design.  Very far out of most of our boxes!!  I started with a spiral and then it just took over!  Luckily, the member teaching us this month works with children and normally hands out a bright orange sheet for them to sign.  The sheet says, "The teacher gives you permission to ignore any instructions as long as you make something!"  Saved by the bell!

My life is spinning out of control ... the spiral was mixing it all up.

Let me walk you thru my problems ... errr ... symbols:  The spiral is black netting.  Might be the only time you see me work with it!!
  • Green house - our condo is up for sale, we're not buying it.  Our lease doesn't end until October, and if the new owners want it for a rental, they will want to extend our lease so they have a better chance of getting it designated a rental.  (There is only a small percentage of condos allowed to be rentals out here!)  That would be good for us - but meanwhile ... arrrgh!
  • A package of needles to remind me I have Needle Book issues hanging over me ... that's all I can say right now!
  • Spools fabric - my sewing room tends to look like a tornado has hit!!
  • Peas fabric - a new way of cooking/eating - I don't really like to cook!
  • Whale fabric - where the heck are they this year??? Not in our cove.
  • Pink fabric - I was in charge of cancer quilt, all pink - What was I thinking?
  • Light blue fabric with 3 dogs - that I'm allergic to at my DD's.
  • Five kids - the Grandkids.  Doing well, but always on our minds!
  • Car - my car was hit in the parking lot.  Kind-of killed the CHI when I got done with Tai-Chi!
  • Clock - Out of control! AND what happened to 8 hours of sleep a night??
  • Patriotic fabric - don't have enough quilts for the QOV nominees ... 2 months to presentation!  YIKES!!!
I'm happy to say, I'm in a much better place today!  Some of those things are done - pink quilt; (tempted to put scraps in the burn barrel!) there are enough quilts for the QOV nominees; sewing room is neat and tidy, because some of the stash now lives in garage!

Here are the other projects at Mod Squad

I've touched everything in my sewing room!!  And I'm happy to say that quite a bit of it is going to the Country Store at our quilt show in May!  I'm carefully ignoring the boxes tucked between my table and the bookcase.  Pay no attention to them - they are out of here in May!!  There is only one box on the floor - QOV strips.  I can live with that!

This month our book club is reading "Yellow Raft In Blue Water" by Michael Dorris.  It's very good.  Need to finish it this weekend.

Before DH's appointment we stayed with A&J and the kids.  What a busy household.  Miss E (turns 1 in June) is army crawling and smiling at everyone!

At his yearly exam with the cardiologist, the dr had a very serious look on his face while looking at DH's records ... almost gave ME a heart attack!  But at the end of the appointment, he said see you next year!  DH did have to go in for a cholesterol test locally.  Should have results in a week.  Fingers crossed that all small issues will solve themselves!

We went up to Portland after dr appointment in the valley - Miss P had her annual Music Project show.  Last year, I loved to say that it was the first time I'd ever heard Pink Floyd on the Ukulele!!  Didn't get that this year, but Miss P's group wrote their own song!  Pretty darn good for 11 year olds!  As we were leaving L&Js house, my hip twanged! (Yes, that is a medical term!) So I'm officially old enough to hurt myself just standing there!  Pretty scary - but sitting on a cold pack all the way home did help.  I haven't had too much trouble with it since. I feel I dodged a bullet there! I don't have time for 6 weeks recovery!!

Did you know I'm the Honored Guild Member at our Memorial Day Weekend  show??  That was part of the ModSquad spiral too!  I have my own display area, which I have to man during show hours, and I've told you I've had a few panic attacks about it!

I also have our QOV presentation that Sunday.  It's a tear-jerker and hard to speak in front of that many people.  But I survived last year ... so this year will be good too.

My small group - Woolies - met at my house and we looked at every quilt in the house and decided what can be in the show, what can be in the booth.  Our condo is just large enough to get them all out!!!  I also decided they will all keep an eye on me.  Am I drinking water?  Have I gone to the restroom lately?  Has anyone moved into my booth and won't leave???? Do I need chocolate?

That same day Woolies met here was also March Madness Quilt til you Wilt! And yes, we start wilting about 8:35!!   I love these - they don't make you do the project!!  I had a lot of people to talk to and hand things off to; and some figuring/consulting about a new project that I was ready to cut for.  It was wonderful!! Just being in a room filled with quilters working ... magic!

Then at the guild meeting - it finally registered with members that we don't have enough quilts!  So we had an impromptu sweatshop and finished 4 tops and two people brought in their quilts to finish! We now have more than enough and I am breathing easier. Yay!

Until next time!!