Tuesday, October 9, 2012

All the news on the coast ...

Life has been extra hectic this fall.  It seemed we just got back to normal after the big birthday party and zoom - almost a month has past!!  And you know, Christmas is just a slippery slope away after Halloween!

DH went to the Sisters area for golfing with some of the TIMMS golf group for a week.  [I know you remember the shoe trophy!! Who can forget that monstrosity! LOL!] He played 8 courses in 9 days ... and being the great guy he is, he even stopped by the Sisters Quilt Store to pick me up some wool thread I pre-ordered.  He walked in; announced he was picking up something for Doni Boyd ... they handed a white sack to him and he walked out!!  And it worked for both of us!!

I thought I'd get all kinds of things done while he was gone ... but you never do as much as you expect to!!  Read a couple of books; started a couple of projects ...  I've been hooked on Downton Abbey.  We're reading "The Real Downton Abbey" for book club next month.  Netflix has the first season on demand.  But I had to borrow the 2nd season DVD because I was so-o hooked.  The 3rd season starts in January and I'm ready!! Look for it on PBS - assuming they're still there in January! That's a terrible thought!

Next week I head to Nebraska for a fall visit.  This week is full of quick appointments; lists of stuff to finish before then, lists of things to take with me ... I may have to start a list of my lists!!

The weather has been changeable - fog one day, bright sun the next.  I've been driving down to Crescent City for Water Aerobics 3x a week.  Add a few walks in the forest and you can see I've been busy!

Our Sept guild meeting here was a hoot!!  Our president issued a challenge to finish some UFOs before Christmas.  To sign up for the challenge, you had to bring the UFOs for a special Show N'Tell.  Let me just say that was the best show n'tell ever!!!  It was funny, it was energetic and we don't often get to see our 'starts'.  I loved the beloved baby blanket for a grandchild who was now 11!!! 

I'm a well-known "Queen of UFOs" and I took three projects:  1..My 'Birds of a Feather' quilt - still handquilting that one ... since 2007 apparently!  2.  My half pieced Reminisce by Lori Smith. and 3. The pile of charm squares collected from everyone last Newport Retreat to be made into something and presented at their December meeting.  The president muttered I'd better get started with that one and everyone laughed when I remarked her job is to write them down, not give advice as to order!!! 

Guilds take notice ... it's a great challenge and definitely make the show n'tell mandatory!!

Don't know how much I'll be posting from NE ... but know I'm having a blast and will have lots of stories to share when I get home!