Monday, August 31, 2015

May she rest in peace

Mom died in her sleep, as she hoped to.  My niece was with her and it was very peaceful. 

We know mom will live through our memories. It's hard, but we know she is in a better place where she no longer is "uncomfortable".  Mom would never admit she had pain.

McGrew, Helen M, 97 Lincoln, died August 5, 2015. Born April 11, 1918 to William H and Irene Grant. Married Gayle E McGrew January 11, 1946. Member of East Lincoln Christian Church since 1952. Past CWF President, Deaconess and CYF leader. Past Pink Lady at Lincoln General Hospital. Associated with WICS (Women In Community Service)

Survived by daughters and son in laws Gary and Marilyn Nielsen, Lincoln, Gene and Nancy Phillips, Waverly, and Rick and Doni Boyd, Oregon.

Grandchildren, Guy Nielsen, Gary S Nielsen, Elizabeth Lindahl, Tammi Buel, Jodi Ledell, Adam Boyd, Lindsay Rector.

Great Grandchildren, Cory Nielsen, Jamie Nielsen, Jennifer Permele, Scott Lindahl, Alyssa Lindahl, Jessica Beisner, Nicole Smith, Joshua Smith, Cody Smith, Madison Ledell, Andrew Ledell, Paetyn Rector, Maddux Rector, Draysen Boyd, Koby Boyd

Great Great Grandchildren, Hudson Nielsen, MacKinzie Nielsen, Audrey Nielsen, Madison Richardson, Cameron Lindahl, Landon Beisner, Brayden Beisner, Quentin Lindahl,

Preceded in death by parents, brother Stanley Grant, husband Gayle and two infants.

Memorial service 2:00PM Saturday, August 8, 2015 at Lincoln Memorial Funeral Home 6800 S. 14th St. Lincoln, NE.

Memorials in lieu of flowers to East Lincoln Christian, Matt Talbot Kitchen or City Mission.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Summer - never quite what you expected???

This summer has taken it's own path.  No matter how much I wanted to direct it to no avail, it's been crazy.

Finished a year long series of dental appointments; then had one of those 'usual' procedures for my age done ... I was already to dig into that pile of "must be finished at once" quilt projects when a family emergency came up in Nebraska.

My dear mom, 97 years old; 87 pounds and still feisty as ever, was admitted to Hospice in Lincoln NE.  It seemed quite dire and suddenly family was advised to visit. So off we trekked across the country via Interstate 80.  It's such a long ways, in these days of instant access thru the phone or the computer, it's easy to forget that distance is there!  Two and one half days - and these days were not for sissies!! 13-ish hours between hotel and hotel.  And into hot, humid July weather we went!

Let me just say I am so a "coastal girl" now.  I don't know how I survived living in Lincoln most of my life!  I don't know how my family survives it today!! A temperature of 84 seems quite reasonable until you check the Heat Index - 110!!!  Oh dear, is that air even breathable?? It doesn't seem to be, trust me! Morning, noon or night!

I'm happy to report that we arrived and spent quality time with Mom while we settled her into her new routine.  Our son, A, was able to fly out and visit for five days.  He's one year short of becoming a RN and was great to have around.  He, with mom's permission, read her chart and translated for the rest of us.  He gave mom foot rubs, and interpreted what mom was really asking for.  He was missed after he left.  I stayed 10 days and spent lots of time with mom every day.  I loved the time I spent with all my family there, as we all took in what this means.  I was glad I had the opportunity to see mom one more time where we could talk.

 Mom is still with us. I call her every other day when someone is in the room to answer and handle the phone.  She too weak to deal with phones, etc., now. But she knows she is loved.  Family takes turns visiting and caring for her.  We have a cross-word puzzle book to read the cues from and fill in the answers she gives us, or agrees with.  And we read to her from "Heidi", the old classic that she loved.  She also has her books on CD that can be played, but reading to her is so satisfying.

It was hard to come back home to Oregon 'in the middle' of this struggle.  But amazingly enough, a message came thru a computer weekly column when I needed it the most ...

Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you had in mind.

All of sudden, I wasn't so overwhelmingly tired and stressed.  Ok, I'm not in charge.  I get it!  Thanks for the reminder, "Ripples" (the column providing the quote)  And home I came.

Even if at times I felt like curling up in a ball under a quilt when I got home, we decided to keep our promise to the Portland Littles and bring them back to the beach with us. And it's been fun and so busy that my mind has relaxed a little. 8 and 6 yrs old can be so entertaining!!Something that I needed very much.

The first night we headed down to the beach for low tide, even though it was foggy.  Racing the waves is always a hoot!  I loved this photo with the reflections in the sand.  I have to tell you, Miss P looks so much like her mom did at that age ... well, sometimes we call Mr M my son's name!! Confusing 2 (3?) generations at once!!

Friday morning was the bribe that got them to come with us!  A swimming lesson in our community pool!  That's them in the middle lanes with their teachers guiding them. They did great, and we went back for open swim in the afternoon too!

Someone built a few forts down at the beach, and like hermit crabs, we moved right into them!!

Today it was pancakes for breakfast, then off to town.  M absolutely loves "American Ninja Warriors" and we tried out moves in the "Kid-Town" playground at Azalea Park.  Good moves, although both developed some blisters on their hands using the bars and rings to move across the space.

Then there was sidewalk chalk drawing at our local state park.  We thought we were just stopping by to see what everyone was making - but there were still squares unclaimed so the kids each drew. The beachy scene with the crab is Miss P's. The forest also on the retaining wall is Mr M's.  He was very seriously interpreting the landscape in front of him!!

And Prehistoric Gardens remains a favorite to stop by on our way to the beach. There's something about dinosaurs ... and the maps we get to follow, it's mesmerizing!!

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  We appreciate them.  Thank you.