Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Countdown to the wedding ...it's speeding up!!

Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend. We had lovely weather and did a few odds and ends to finish up getting ready for company!

I've been busy here - but unfortunately, not working on UFOs! I finished the row robin table runner. We were to designate a 'holiday' for a theme. My holiday was "May Day". I remember all the excitement of May Day as a kid. Finding your friends' favorite candy, picking flowers out of the garden [oh, no - not that one!!] putting it on their porch and ringing the doorbell and running! And of course, hearing your own doorbell and finding treasures!

There were 5 in our group (6 groups in all!) and we each set the theme and made our center block. The gals in our group did wonderful!! But when I got the row robin back - it definitely needed strips of color between all the yummy 'beige-ings' in the blocks. Which of course, meant that all the rows had to come apart to insert said strips! Bummer! I turned it like a pillowcase because I was under the gun to get it back up to Newport before the July meeting. For a 'time saving' step - it always takes me longer and is a pain to get it straight! Why oh why don't I remember that??? Machine quilted with invisible thread. But I think it turned out awfully cute! LOL!

And TODAY I finished the last of the small totes for the wedding party for DS's wedding! What a relief - we see the happy couple tomorrow so I can simply hand them off rather than mailing them. I used the free pattern on the web 5-6-7 tote by Windham Fabrics. It's so easy and I think it comes out cute! These are 4-5-6! and about 8" on a side.

I had yards of the VIP Pine tree print. I used 5" strips of that! I was lucky enough to find a great mottled jewel-tone green to match it - but not lucky enough that it was on sale!! Oh, never mind - lucky to find it at all! There are 3 little girls in the wedding - including the amazing Miss P! So their bags have fish, deer and iguanas on them! Miss P loves fish; Loon Lake feed deer every afternoon so the kids are bound to see them. And the iguana fabric because it was fabulous with the green!! I think A&J2 are putting bottled water, a flashlight and some trail mix in each bag! Should fit just right! Tried to make them the right size for a library book or two.

We're headed inland tomorrow. Quick stop overnight with A&J2 and then on to Sisters for the Outdoor show. Then on up to Portland to see Miss P and Mr M ... and pick up a piece of furniture that's done. Home for 2 days and then off to meet friends from Arkansas who are coming for the wedding. You may not hear from me much this month - it is filled to the brim with fun, fun, fun!