Thursday, March 23, 2023

Not so good at "blog" New Year's Resolutions!

But, been busy!  We moved!!  I came home from our local guild retreat in Gold Beach to an eviction notice!!  90 days.  This has not been our dream apartment.  Love the space; love the view but management is crazy!!  There I said it!!

So DH got on the ball and found us a 'cottage' 2 bedroom, 2 bath, ground floor rental unit in Harris Heights.  Still in Brookings (celebrate!!)

Within a week we had signed the new lease; within 2 weeks we were moving!!  That IS a little fast for 70 year olds especially with a quilting hobby!  And I have to admit - looking at a vacant space needs more thought than we gave it!!  Storage went from awesome to "Oh, dear! That's small!"

But at 70, it IS time to seriously figure how many of my 10 years' worth of UFO (Unfinished Fabric Objects) I will really be able to make.  How much of a 40 year collection of stash will see the light of day?  Not enough to face moving it all again!

I packed us up with a lot of help of consulting friends; friends that lent their dollies (a life saver), a friend that just moved gave us her packing materials and boxes!  Heavenly present!!  And P, who came and packed my kitchen!!

The moving truck came, moved the boxes and the furniture with no problems.  But stash was in open bins, so - we had a stash caravan the next day!!  We moved the bins and also our books down to the garage.  At 10 am three quilting friends, all in their 70s (like us) with SUVs came over.  Hopped out of their vehicles; carried the bins and milk crates to their cars - stacked them - got more ...  In no time at all, the garage was empty.  Off they went to the new house, pulled up, hopped out of their cars, carried the bins into the house and placed them IN THE CUBICLES! Ta-Da!!

The whole thing only took 45 minutes - and that included visiting!!  It was awesome!  Finally, yesterday I paid them with the promises chocolate covered pretzels!  Finding the ingredients we moved and the energy to make them took me longer than expected!  Lasagnas were delivered to those other helpers.

I haven't sewn in the new house yet.  I have sewed on sewing days at guild and at P's house.  The sewing room is small.  And I'm half-ing everything!  Stash; tools; pre-cuts; UFOs; and trust me that's not easy - but needed.  I don't want a storage unit in that 'bedroom'  I want a sewing room!!!  NOW!

I promised the Woolies group they can meet at the new house in April.  I hope to have the sewing room issues finished by then.  We won't be able to have a twin bed in there when there is no company.  I can't even fit my sewing chair up to the sewing table with it in there!!!  I know that sounds silly - but seriously!!  It's true!

Funny story - my DH - after putting up with a quilter in the house for over 45 years actually wants to use the closet in that room!! (Peals of laughter!)  But, nope, he is serious.  So things are headed out.  No room in the rest of the house or the garage!  In fact, we're not sure we can get my car into the garage yet. So things are headed way OUT!!  Needless to say, the GoodWill staff knows me well.

There will be more updates and after pictures.  The before pictures are way too depressing!!