Monday, January 2, 2023

Happy New Year! It's time for the 2022 Recap!


Good-bye 2022 Happy New Year! It's 2023

Let's start with good books this year.  Some of these books were published in 2022 - but I'm talking about books I've read.  I read 87.  That's a 'soft' number because I always find notes written about a book I read but didn't 'register'.

Some of my top Rated Books are:

6*!  Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt  An Octopus who lives in an Aquarium, maybe rules it??  Very entertaining.  Small town on the Coast - it sounded alot like 'home'!

5*  French Braid by Ann Tyler  She's one of my favorite authors.  So everyday, ordinary stories - but you can't put it down!

5*  My Oxford Year by Julia Whelan   Telling the story of a young American woman going to Oxford as a Rhode Scholar.  Very engaging 

John Sandford is a perennial favorite author for me and these are his latest books.

5*  The Investigator by John Sandford  Letty has grown up and is working as an investigator for the Senate?  I hope this is the first book in a new series.

5* Righteous Prey by John Sandford   Virgil Flowers joins Luke Davenport in an amazing story line.  And I love it when they pair up!

Of course, 2022 was filled with quilting too,   There were dog stockings; advent calendars, tree skirts and a fabric challenge made into a table runner.

Drawings of the new pets needing a stocking. The drawing was then turned into either a flap (don't ask) or sewn into a stocking.  Count so far:  5 stockings; 2 flaps.

This panel Advent Calendar was my second finished between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day.  Darn cute!

Cherrywood Lane

My Edyta Sitar Quilt Along: using her pattern Summer Village. She is a fantastic, organized fun leader.  I loved this project because it never got harder!! Three of us Brookings Quilters worked on it each week and all enjoyed it.

My version -  "Cherrywood Lane" was finished with some added trees and a skinny border.  You know I can't do something without changing it somehow. Fernwood Quilting long-armed it and I was thrilled with Lynette's quilting.  I entered in local shows.


I had fun playing with improv triangles - they make really clever NW trees.  I got carried away - Improv Forest and Improv Forestry.  There's a third top - possibly to be finished in 2023!  I'll keep you informed!


A Great-Nephew in Nebraska got married and I made a quilt for the happy couple. When my sister asked me to make a quilt, I asked what colors?  Grey.  Accent color?  Dark Grey!  What does she like?  Cows!  I cannot make an all grey wedding quilt.  BUT, she likes turquoise!  I can work with that!  I found a mostly grey cow fabric for the back.  I loved the finished quilt.  Fernwood Quilting long-armed it for me.  The couple loved it.  Mission Accomplished!


I try to make at least one Quilt Of Valor every year - and P and I fell in love with Plaid-ish, a free online pattern.  So, we precut the pieces and at retreat we made a 70 x 90 quilt with RW&B.  It was presented this summer - QOVs are always a big hit with our Veterans / Serviceman. 

My last finished quilt was "Peek A Boo" from Missouri Star Quilts.  So fun to make - P & I each made a top at an April Retreat.  Here mine is - almost finished.  No that's not Bling on a quilt made by me - It's the binding clips around the edges!!

For more on this quilt (and others) - see the story on my blog on April 28, 2022

This year has been less quilting. I'm 70 now and my hands and eyes take turns slowing me down.  Then when I was raring to go, my EverSewn machine broke down.  Living on the edge of the earth ... it took far too long to get it back to par. 

But I have high hopes for 2023 - doesn't everyone??  No matter how many finishes I make - I love my quilting time.  Look forward to finishing a few favorites and of course, any new quilt that catches my eye!  Happy New Year and here's to all the inspiration; colors; quilts and ideas ahead for us in 2023!


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