Sunday, January 22, 2023

The storms have moved on ...

Three weeks of storm after storm is TOO MUCH!  The 'last' storm was pouring rain with snowflakes mixed in!!  Not sleet - flakes slowly drifting down between the rain!!!  That's a first!  There were mini drifts of snow when it ended.  

I love being able to see my favorite view again - no weather fronts graying everything down.

Oops - wrong picture.  A Mike's Hard Lemonade semi!! "Over here!!"  That's my 'go to' bottled beer!

Here's our coastal view.

Who wouldn't love looking out at this (in good weather!)  Those trees really make it!

Crab season is finally up and running.  The ocean looks like a farmland community at night - boat lights look like farm lights in all quarters.  

It's not raining, but the temps have been low 50s.  I know I sound like a wimp when I say this ... I about froze today coming home at 5 - and it was 53 degrees!!  So-o much moisture in the air - there must be a chill factor working against us.

I finally got busy and bound a quilt I started in 2020.  Road to Oklahoma - I brought the pattern to a NE retreat and everyone there loved it - so we made blocks and had a raffle - I didn't win!  20 years later (seriously!) I got it out during covid.  The block looks like this:  

Those star points facing into the center are tricky - they really go against the grain.

I was working with many 'time-outs' on this pattern.  I ripped out a lot of points going the 'wrong way'  In fact, I'd recommend sewing it as a 8pointed star block and a 16 patch alternate block! Just saying!

I quilted it myself on my DSM, my regular sewing machine, and then it went into time-out again.  I hate to waste my hands' workability on hand binding!  There is a 'flange' binding that sews on by machine on both sides.  I've been working on it.  It's tricky - sewing long lengths of two fabrics together.  Then ironing them before sewing them to the BACK of the quilt.  (Seam goes toward the smaller fabric!)

Then there are a lot of joins on both fabrics - don't want them at a corner ...


And, after sewing the binding onto the back of the quilt there's a slick way to join the ends.  Binding Clips work really well 'training' it into the correct position. I let it sit over night.  As you sew the 2nd side on, remove the clips as you get to them.  AND it's done!!  Just in time for 'show 'n tell' at tomorrow night's guild meeting.

I'm reading The Alice Network by Kate Quinn.  It started slowly for me, but now I'm hooked and reading it instead of TV!  Must go read!

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