Monday, February 5, 2024

Back from Guild Retreat - and what fun it was!!

 My DH gives me a hard time when I go 35 miles up the coast to retreat in a town that doesn't even have a quilt store!!  But I'll never give it up!  Worth it every time.

Retreats:  Are yours like this?   Sew, sew, sew, talk, talk, giggle, talk, eat, eat, eat ...

It goes so fast, and I never get as much accomplished as I dream I will.  But nothing is as inspiring as a room of 'like-thinkers' working on projects, consulting with others and learning something new every time!

We were expecting rain every day - but we did have some breaks and easy weather when we were packing in and out.

A BIG giggle-fest was the PJ party night!

Here's what I worked on - besides the chocolate section of the snack bar!  I bound this garden challenge from ModSquad and laid out and sewed into columns this HST kid's quilt.


I did some other steps to move other projects closer to a finish while I had entertainment in the room.  Pictures to be shown later!!

Out of chaos - the best time AND progress in projects!  Now to keep up the momentum back at home.

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Mary said...

Looks like a fun Group. I heard this week we only have 15 signed up for our Retreat in March. SAD, our guild has over 150 members. They scheduled it on Easter weekend. That might affect the Interest and attendance.