Saturday, December 5, 2015

Do you want to build a snowman???

Yesterday was our Woolies Christmas party!!  Whoo-hoo!  It was such fun and we all got sewing done too!  Bonus!

Time to reveal one of my favorite gifts to give:  Christmas ornaments that are also adapted to be a gift card holder!  And as I mentioned last week, Gift card holders also hold a package of needles!

This is one of my favorite Christmas patterns!  I've made meadows of snowmen over the last years! I've only made the Snowman Head ornament!  I'm sure the other projects are just as easy - and when I've "ornamented" the world with this one, I'll try them!!  

Two finished ornaments from past years on top.  First you have to sit around and make faces!!  You could use buttons for eyes - but it's easy to machine blanket stitch wool circles and the nose.  The mouth could be beads as well as the hand stitched Xs in the pattern.  Make that grin a little crooked for Holiday charm!

After the faces are made :) Blanket stitch them down on the large background piece. I've noted that next time I'm going to make the background a skootch bigger and trim it back later.  It would be easier to add the back piece. No, the hat has not been added yet!

This charming guy has a ski type hat on - pick any color!  Trust me, it will look like Christmas even if it's not red or green.  This year I added bright color brims and I like them!

Machine blanket stitch hat and brim.  It's easy to chain stitch this project.  I made 12 this year - 8 for the Woolies and 4 for various other friends!

The leaves (don't wonder why - just add them!) are easy and fast.  Just a simple straight stitch down the middle of the leave.  Note that the black background has the horizontal leaf space coming off the hat. Start with that one and then add the 2nd one pointing to the face 

Machine blanket stitch the berry and you're done with the front. they each have their own little personality!  One year, I was out of shower caps and P a cruise fan collected some on her travels, just for me!!  I made her this ornament but added a "shower cap" over the hat.  Made me laugh the whole time I was working on it!  She loved it too!  Personalize as needed!

Now you want to add a wool back - copy the large background piece again.  Good thing about wool is that it is reversible!   Now is the time to add the back pocket for a gift card.  This is my addition to the pattern.  I use a hotel key card + a quarter inch. Now is the time to pay attention, hold it up against the other piece, make sure to match the edges.Check the back against the front, and sew the pocket on the correct side of the back.

As I mentioned, both hand needles and machine needle packages fit in this pocket!  Win-win!

Here we are, during the short break in the rain!  I told everyone that they could re-gift the snowman without hurting my feelings; and they all said, "But would you make me another one then??"  So I think they were a hit! 


Karen said...

The snowmen heads ornaments are cute as can be. I have quite an affection for snowmen items.

Mary said...

SEW cute and Useful. I could build that kind of Snowman! The real kind make me COLD.